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I would like to thank my Relationships Are Hard guest today Robert Wertzler.


Three Connections


Robert Wertzler

This is a story of three people with three relationships.  I was one of them.  I will call the other two Mary and Jane.  Those were not their names.  They were clients of the county mental health clinic where I worked, so, even though it was more than twenty years ago, I cannot use their real names.  Of the three relationships, two are easy to define.  I was Mary’s case manager.  Mary and Jane were friends and roommates.  The third, as you will see was not so easy to put in a standard category.

Both Mary and Jane were diagnosed with Schizophrenia.  Their apparent symptoms were mainly in the
“negative symptoms” category, meaning confusion, difficulty with social interactions, flattened affect and emotional expression, delayed responses, and anxiety.  I don’t recall now whether…

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