This is a important? no more than important – essential story


I have some mad respect for this dude.  Seriously!  This post rips me up… it also increased my determination to be more aware of those around me.

Not every kid has an adult in their life who loves them.

 Let that sink in. 

 I read the stories and I watch the horror of headline news and yet… it is hard to truly grasp what is going on. What’s going on is there are kids that are LEFT to survive completely alone.

This is one of my favorite posts and I hope you share it every chance you get.  I hope you see the surviving spirit Byron has, but I also hope you see the moments where other people made a difference.  All too often, we are afraid to get involved so we program ourselves to be oblivious.  I believe being an oblivious community is creating a bigger problem.  Bullying is only the beginning of worse adult…

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