The Lucky Ones: Surviving Loss – By Stephanie March

This is a lovely and wise post on loss and starting over.

Kindness Blog

We all experience varying degrees of loss, nobody is immune. We lose pets, friends, and family. We lose relationships and marriages. We lose entire houses to fires, floods, and tornados.

Life is incredibly unpredictable and impossible to navigate without that changing wind we know as loss.

Some are crippled by the sudden upheaval. We see this in the eyes of the homeless looking back at us through years of pain and loss. Some go on, only to develop unhealthy coping habits. Others find a way to bounce back, to be resilient, despite it all.

I am one of the lucky ones.

I know a thing or two (or ten) about loss. I have started over more times than one would think is humanly possible. I lost everything I owned at the age of 19 in a monumental flood after a hurricane. I lost nearly everything when my decade plus long…

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