How the Police can Benefit From the Uncanny Power of Courtesy – By Mark Gosson

Oh, if only, what a difference.

Kindness Blog

I was just traveling throughout Europe and I found myself paying attention to how the police interact with people there.

Part of this is certainly just my tendency to rubber-neck but with all the media attention that American police have received this year I also found myself comparing these interactions. I noticed that they do something that I don’t think I have ever seen happen in America and I was overwhelmed by the power of this simple thing: courtesy.

Police abroad would introduce themselves and extend a hand out in friendship. “Hello, I’m officer Polansky (the officer extends his hand). May I ask your name?” The natural interaction of two people should begin with courtesy and mutual respect.

Whether the person is an innocent citizen or a criminal, we all would like to be met cordially.

Imagine if the police did this in America. Starting the interaction off in a…

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