This is from a journal of long ago, dated 4/5/91. I don’t recall the particular drama that was the subject of the talk.


Last night I walked and talked with a good friend who tends to run off at the mouth when drunk. He was fretting for my well-being and angry because he thought he’d seen me mistreated. I heard his concern and my heart was truly touched.

“Close your mouth now,” I said to him many times, “and open your ears.” This, he did (though not for long at a time). I think he understood some of what I told him. I think he found some comfort and peace in those words.

Still, he does not yet seem to understand the Testing … the necessity of passing through the Dark and Stormy Night better to SEE the Dawn come in Peace and Light. He has not accepted, perhaps, that what is forged in Heaven’s Fire will be tempered in the Flames of Hell — heated and quenched on the one hand in tears of Joy and on the other hand in tears of Woe. Thus it IS that a blade is created that will keep its edge when cutting Bricks out of the Wall — that, like a Katana (the sword of the Samuari), so I’ve heard, from the hands of a master craftsman, can be bent half circle without breaking — that is sharp and true enough to penetrate Illusion and cut clean through shackles and knots … a “weapon” fit to battle dragons and demons, or to slice the bread of Love and Life for sharing in times of Peace.

So, a blessing be unto this friend for the reflection of a part of him that is a part of me.


4 thoughts on “PERSPECTIVES

  1. ” . . . the necessity of passing through the Dark and Stormy Night better to SEE the Dawn come in Peace and Light.” This is a stunningly beautiful line in a beautiful sequence of words and truths.

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  2. This is beautiful. I love that even through his anger and ranting you were able to see his concern and respond in a way which (hopefully) helped him to understand your situation better.

    And the analogy of the sword is a good one – it’s weak without being tempered and getting the heck bashed out of it to remove impurities. Long may your blade stay keen and your only cutting be required for bread 🙂

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