A small and thoughtful story from Hasty.


apple-1281744_960_720I pretend not to notice or care.  That’s just life.  It happens. 

I see you reading, messaging, answering, flirting, complimenting, spending time elsewhere and giving all your attention away.  I sit in the corner picking at my food wondering if you would notice if I stood to leave. 

I watch as your eyes find pleasure from your conversation.  Your lips turning up into a smile and as you chuckle I put down my fork and pull my napkin from my lap.  You don’t notice.

You pick up your glass to take a sip but your eyes never leave your phone.  I clear my throat.  You don’t notice. 

You sit your phone down for a second and take a bite of food.  You finally look at me… barely.  I stand up to leave.  I don’t say anything.  Neither do you. 

When I look back you are putting your phone in your…

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Have you danced with demons? Here’s a poem about that from Hasty.



I’ve danced with many monstrous demons before

They are a strange lot, the whole bunch them

Pieces of shit with their tale between their legs

Cowards that slink about in the darkest of shadows

Scratching surfaces just to cause an infectious itch

Tainting our air with their fowl and poisonous breath

Shitting all over sidewalks laughing as we step in it

Visiting our dreams, violating our brains as we sleep

They warp the answer to our prayers to cause doubt

Stepping back to watch our struggles as they laugh

I’ve danced with many destroyers of light, of good

And each one had a mark, a defining symbol of evil

An upside down heart traced on their empty chest

Where once there must have been love and joy

Their choices left them cold, dark, bitter and empty

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Poem of dark beauty from Hasty



A powerful storm is sitting on the horizon

Hovering and watching you, your choices

Skeletons get restless and dance anxiously

Waiting for you to open Pandora ’s Box

Invisible ghosts haunt silently, lingering

Her voice calls for you, reaching, searching

Your hearts long ago stitched together

You can feel her darkness absorb your light

And you sharpen your sword for battle

You hunt the painter of black, now your prey

As his evil plagues your blood with vengeance

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Dear Ignorant People on World Bipolar Day

Straight words from Nicole – A MUST READ

Nicole Lyons


Let’s chat, shall we? I hear you’re oh so tired of “this whole mental illness thing”, and let me just clear up a few things for you and then you can be on your way.

My illness is as real, and as painful, as the physical illness that your beautiful child was born with. Just like she had no control over her genetics, neither did I. And just like your daughter has had to swallow medications and be put through excruciating testing, so have I. The thing about your daughter that differs from me is that she’s made a full recovery, thank the Universe, but I have yet to see that. In fact, if you want to go by statistics, there’s a one in four chance that this illness, the one you’re so tired of hearing about, will end my life.

Here’s another funny thing:

Sometimes people go for YEARS…

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Another beauty from Hasty.



The breeze wraps its wings around me

As we stumble further into the night

For a moment I walk with eyes closed

Your strong hand holding mine tight

I can hear your breath calm and steady

And I let you guide me without sight

As we meander next to a nearby stream

The sounds of nature hiding from light

I open my eyes as we come to a stop

This our perfect place, a small campsite

You build a fire and pull me close

As if to save me from any kind of fright

And in your eyes I see nothing but love

Not even the stars above are as bright

I smiled and said I love you

And nothing has ever felt so right

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Pandora – Charlene Trolinder

Powerful poetry

Nicole Lyons



They stared at her with

inquisitive eyes.

She seemed so simple


submissive, but she

had this complicatedness about her.

Her mind’s thoughts and ideas would

terrify while inspiring.

A methodical empty need

to hide her needs, wants, and

desires made her the master of her own


She navigated a purposeful

overshadowing of her soul because

she knew her greatest ambitions would

be fulfilled while standing

in the shadows of a

broken heart. There was a

mystical almost divineness

about her that few could resist

intertwined with a darkness that could

destroy them.

Few were ever allowed into

the inner sanctums of her

being, for fear of being broken

for her secrets. As they stared with

fixated expressions of horror and

amazement, they spoke with cold

confused words, “Who are you?”

She turned slowly

toward them with

an emotionless face and

pain filled eyes and softly replied,


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Harnessing The Madness – Jacqueline Cioffa

A wondrous poem from Jacqueline Cioffa

Nicole Lyons


Harnessing The Madness

Hush, little mama

Dry your acrid, bittersweet, woeful tears

Don’t you cry, pretty mama

Your darling, happy, freckle-face baby is struggling, fevered, and

deliriously HOT

Oh, okay, go on then

Go ahead and cry, little mama

Cry those real, big-old-salty tears

Enough to fill an ocean

Squash the fire under mountains of regret, and molten lava erupting

Don’t worry, hush lullaby mama

Your baby girl is a strong, solid swimmer

You taught her that

You and her, submersed

Her JOY full love of water

Bouncy, giggly, freedom submerged while cemented together hand in


She was fearless in your arms

Unafraid of stormy seas, tsunamis and heavenly floods

Little girl’s flapping her arms now, mama

Crazed, and kicking hard to swim to the top

Oh hush now, pretty mama,

don’t worry your fraught, exhausted mind or fret

Water trumps fire, and this girl

Your darling baby




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