I have seen a number of commentators compare one or more of our candidates for President to two past leaders of other countries. Those two are Adolph Hitler of Germany and Benito Mussolini of Italy. It is true that both of them promised to make their countries great again, promised winning every contest, promised world-bestriding power and glory.

And, win, they did. They won and won, conquered and conquered. The people celebrated. They cheered and sang the patriotic anthems in the streets and rallies. Yes, they certainly did, until the winning stopped, until the conquests began to be rolled back.

In the end, both those leaders left their country devastated, occupied, and humiliated. One, killed by his own people, was hung by his feet from a lamp post to be spat upon. The other took Cyanide in a bunker at the center of a city in ruins.

Where, then, were the promises of greatness?

Where, then, were the dreams of power and glory?

Where, then, was the promise of winning every game?

To whom should I address the cautionary tale of history, to leaders or followers?

Who is it that ought be careful what they ask for, or what they promise?

Would any take heed, or is the wine of greatness imagined too strong?

Isn’t this time, this leader always different?



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