A beautifully told tale of a journey to healing.


Please welcome my #BeReal guest today, Carol Estrella.

CAROLThe Biggest Hypocrite

Life was never “normal” as I was growing up. I was the child of an alcoholic and a non-reachable mother. I was the care taker, the protector, the salvation of the house. The one that hide my mother from my dad in my room, when he had one too many and became abusive. I was my sister’s protector; I was determined to shield this small child from reality.

I became an overachiever. The perfect child, student, friend, sister, girlfriend, and later on a mother and employee, but was I?

I must recognize now that as much as I know about psychology (after all I have a college degree on the subject), I was determined not to repeat the patterns and cycles in which I grew up. I promised myself that I would never be caught in a phase of…

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