Why does Borderline get such a Bad Wrap?

Excellent article on BPD and stigma.

A Day in the Life of Being Bipolar

I am diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. Over the years I have noticed that being diagnosed BPD seems to have a bad reputation even inside of the mental health system. It seems that the way you get treated is as if you were doing this stuff on purpose, I am referring to having the symptoms of BPD. You are treated like a little child who is acting out for attention and then punished for the behaviors of the disorder. Just like Bipolar Disorder and all other mental illness’s this is a no fault illness.

During my 10 years of treatment with BPD I was misdiagnosed and wasn’t gaining proper treatment for my very severe Bipolar Disorder. In fact my mental health treatment team was so focused in on my BPD diagnosis that they blamed my Bipolar manic symptoms on my BPD. This was useless and worsened…

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