#BeReal – ABBIE

If, perchance, you don’t understand what depression really is, read and feel this. Then, you will know. Abbie writes it wonderfully and truly.


My #BeReal guest today is Abbie.

More than once, Abbie has been on the other end of one of my tear filled messages.  Like many who suffer from depression you wouldn’t know by looking at her, or even working next to her that she lives with “suffers from” Major Depressive Disorder.  Please welcome my friend Abbie!


There was a time when I imagined a future filled with dreams and hope.  I thought my trusting nature and compassion towards others would guide me in my passions toward a meaningful and fulfilling life.  I believed in the friendships I spent time cultivating and nurturing, taking pride in being the best friend I could be.  I loved college and never doubted my elders when they said I would find my place in the world upon graduating.  I had goals of getting my master’s degree, not only to further my education and career, but…

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