MindTrip Crossfire: Mania

An excellent article on Mania, with and invitation to discussion and sharing.

Nicole Lyons

A section where I take one topic and hit it from two different perspectives. This is the place where we encourage you to join in on the conversation, share your experience, and let us know where YOU stand.

ON MANIA–Contributors: Dori Owen & Nicole Lyons

Mania: Go Way and Don’t Come Back

Before I understood that my bipolar episodes actually had a pattern over a length of time, my life seemed to be a chaotic string of unexplainable behaviors and events. For many years, well, most of my life actually, my bipolar was the boss of me and I was its willing accomplice in endless adventures and predicaments. I soared above the stars. Sleep? Not for me. I ran on overdrive. I was a super nova burning brightly, but as these stars do, I would quickly burn out. And therein lies the rub. In my newly…

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