The challenge of being real – must read


Please welcome my #BeReal guest today, Simon Overy


So then, let me begin  by thanking Hasty for giving me this opportunity to entertain (he said hopefully) her many readers and in doing so offer a big thank you to you readers out there in the blogosphere for taking time out to, you know, read this rambling monologue of a fellow blogger/writer/rambling loony.

Yes, I ramble a lot. If rambling was an Olympic sport  I wouldn’t qualify due to talking about what a great sport it is rather than, you know, taking part.

I am a master of reserved judgment, a holder of my own thoughts, an experiencer of life whilst retaining the value of a life lived behind closed doors. Our language is our own, our freedom to express it paramount and there is nothing wrong in making words up from time to time, after all, if Shakespeare can do…

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