A small and thoughtful story from Hasty.


apple-1281744_960_720I pretend not to notice or care.  That’s just life.  It happens. 

I see you reading, messaging, answering, flirting, complimenting, spending time elsewhere and giving all your attention away.  I sit in the corner picking at my food wondering if you would notice if I stood to leave. 

I watch as your eyes find pleasure from your conversation.  Your lips turning up into a smile and as you chuckle I put down my fork and pull my napkin from my lap.  You don’t notice.

You pick up your glass to take a sip but your eyes never leave your phone.  I clear my throat.  You don’t notice. 

You sit your phone down for a second and take a bite of food.  You finally look at me… barely.  I stand up to leave.  I don’t say anything.  Neither do you. 

When I look back you are putting your phone in your…

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