Have you danced with demons? Here’s a poem about that from Hasty.



I’ve danced with many monstrous demons before

They are a strange lot, the whole bunch them

Pieces of shit with their tale between their legs

Cowards that slink about in the darkest of shadows

Scratching surfaces just to cause an infectious itch

Tainting our air with their fowl and poisonous breath

Shitting all over sidewalks laughing as we step in it

Visiting our dreams, violating our brains as we sleep

They warp the answer to our prayers to cause doubt

Stepping back to watch our struggles as they laugh

I’ve danced with many destroyers of light, of good

And each one had a mark, a defining symbol of evil

An upside down heart traced on their empty chest

Where once there must have been love and joy

Their choices left them cold, dark, bitter and empty

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