Mental Health Warrior: Hastywords

What the title says

Nicole Lyons


I have been following Hastywords’ blog and Facebook page for quite some time now and I am completely in awe of her honesty, sincerity, and compassion. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Hastywords is beyond talented and writes with such courage and a soul stirring voice. She opens her heart and shares her fears and what she considers her flaws. Her poetry has not only helped her with her own journey through depression and anxiety, but it’s helped many others as well. She celebrates others, and often features many amazing people on her remarkable blog. She is full of gratitude and graciousness.

Hasty has encountered venomous comments from people who would try to shame her for simply being, open, honest, and herself, yet she doesn’t let that stop her from continuing to use her powerful voice. As a member of Stigma Fighters, she has shared her story, lending others her voice as well. Hasty is an…

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