Drunken Ramblings – Jason King

A powerful telling with a few triggers and an important message.

Nicole Lyons

Someone I value in my life….my flashdance….said to me today I know I don’t know your backstory….I know you’ve been through shit….but I’ll  know when it’s time….this of course started me down memory lane….it’s funny how quickly we can go back to all those little moments….I don’t remember many things from when I was younger….sometimes this bothers me….until I look at what I do recall and maybe it’s a way of protecting myself….I know many people that have survived far worse….isn’t that how we all try an justify it though…..

I still remember the first day it all changed….at a church of all places….( yes my heathen ass was brought up in a church)….I met the man my mother was going to marry….I believe I was six….I still had my imagination and innocence….it didn’t take me long to realize this wasn’t going to be fun….I found myself in a new…

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