If you don’t know Bipolar experience, here’s a chance to learn, and if you do know it you will recognize.

Nicole Lyons


It is as if some sort of cosmic energy

is continually pulsing

through my veins,

cascading along, dancing

with my white blood cells, finding

a home in every organ

of my body.

I hold the universe

inside of me

and I delight

in the idea of that for days

on end,

but when I hit blackest of holes,

the galaxies

that live beneath my skin

never cease.

Bone deep

exhaustion near cripples me,

the melancholy damn near swallows

me alive,

but still, the stars erupt

with every

ba bump of my heartbeat, and shoot

through my system.

This world is a cruel place

for a mad girl

with stars falling

under her skin.

© Nicole Lyons 2016

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