Laron is a really interesting guy – read this


Today my #BeReal guest is Laron Chapman.  I am happy to share this project embracing the idea WE ARE ALL UNIQUE.   Let’s help him break stereotypes.


I have always said that if all we knew about each other (or ourselves) was that which was depicted in the media, we would all be justified in being fearful, narrow-minded, and judgmental toward one another. It is so easy to view others through a simplified lens, to enslave people in confined boxes within the contours of our minds, and to refuse to engage and penetrate the multiple layers of an individual’s fully-realized self. It takes patience, selflessness, and empathy to explore the greater depths of the people around us. This is something the extraordinary #BeReal series offers in a refreshing, organic fashion. It is a genuine pleasure to be invited back for another round of authentic, creative musing in a staggeringly human fashion.

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