The Seven Deadly Sins

extraordinary collaboration

Nicole Lyons

This was an extraordinary moment in my life, collaborating with these exquisite voices.

The Seven Deadly Sins as visioned by Amy Johnson:



Your poetry, my undoing;

For its flesh

Begged me

To taste it,

Savour it,

Become one with it;

I sinned beautifully;

Forever perjured, by your words..

© Darrielle Cresswell


I have a confession to make my

love….it’s never going to be

enough….this necessity to


desire to devour….everything that

is you….I’ll never be satiated….no

longer eating to live….but living

to consume.

© Jason King


With suicidal gestures slicing

through her nerves

Stillness taunting the acid tongue

to blow

She will never feel the calmness

of gentle rain

In her veins

On her skin

Is the agony of dancing on open


Spinning and tortured twirling

over the edge

The chaos of the dark suffocates

the soft

Replacing it with delusions

whispering sweet destruction

© Amy…

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