Too Much Frosting? As If!

Frosting, fun, love, and time

Michelle R. Terry

I love it when my kiddos have a birthday. It gives me a reason to pour over the old photo albums, bring out the baby books, and shower them with extra love and kisses.

Like I need an excuse to do that anyway.

Hurry up, don’t go too fast.

These were the words shared by my son’s football coach at the end-of-the-season banquet two Novembers ago. I grabbed my iPhone and made a verbatim note because I knew that it would apply at some point—not only in football but in life, too.

I may be one of the worst ones for wishing my life away. Working in a demanding job, I often find myself wishing and hoping and working away to get to the weekend. Then, when it finally comes, praying for those two precious days to go slow.

Slow down, so we can go fast. An oxymoron of time…

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