Hasty doesn’t usually do political comment, but when she does, she nails it.


Pulls out my two cents to share…
I want to teach my daughter to take care of herself. I don’t want her to depend on a false sense of security that some laws tend to create.
Trust me… being a victim of date rape I do what I can to teach my daughter how to stay as safe as possible. I teach her things like:
Don’t go into dark alleyways, or quiet stairwells alone.
Don’t drink and expect your friends to keep you safe.
Be careful sharing your personal information.
Always notice your surroundings and don’t trust easily.
A long list of online rules.
Then how come I don’t care if transgendered woman use our bathroom?
Because predators are everywhere and they come in all sizes, ages, shapes, genders, color, religion, and political party. They are monsters and they know where and how to find you.
Nobody wants a…

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