Light Housekeeping: I’ll Scrub Your Toilets if You Read This!

Check it out

Michelle R. Terry

It’s gonna get messy in here for a moment. MamaMick’s place boasts a cluttered desk, a monkey mind, andpiles of laundry everywhere.

I would rather get on my knees and scrub dirty toilets for you than have to ask for what comes next.

*Grabs paper bag

*Takes a deep breath

Could you please do a load of laundry, dust the furniture, and help me get the place presentable for the rest of 2016? Oh! You live too far away? Well then, how about this?

Would you please consider signing up for my newsletter?

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Click here to sign up today!>>>>>>>>>>>>

*Grabs the bag

*Vomits inside

*Hugs your knees in gratitude

Why sign up?Isn’t the blog and self-promotion on Facebook and Twitter already enough?

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • book updates–launches, favorites, and news *Waves to Joanne and Mark
  • info on blog posts or guest posters–blogs, articles, Tweets–all in…

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