Lizzi – on divorce – brilliant


Today my RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD guest is Lizzi Lewis.


Just shy of a year after telling Husby I couldn’t be married to him any longer, I stood with the decree absolute in my hands. Unassuming paper and complicated legalese confused me at first – was this really it?

It was really it, and after a *jumpyhappydance*, which was mostly just relief at the wait finally being over, I paused, paper in hand, in the hallway.

Fingertips to the smooth, plain, flimsy piece of print-out certifying…freedom? Failure? The culmination of the last piece of teamwork Husby and I effected (and the first successful piece in years)?

Yes to all.

Probably. Or maybe not…after all, how is one *meant* to feel, upon notification that all legal bonds have been officially recognized as broken, long, long after all emotional ones fell in tatters against the ever-retreating halves of our erstwhile partnership?

Elated? Hopeless?…

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