Intense poetry from Nicole and Stephanie

Nicole Lyons

A collaboration with the beautiful and brilliant Stephanie-Bennett-Henry

He was intense.

A drug.

And I couldn’t get enough,

no matter how much of him

I consumed.

He was potent and powerful

and he ruined me.

And I yearned to ruin.

I kept going back for more.

I swear if I were to rip

myself open,

it wouldn’t be blood

that poured out of me.

It would be him.

© Nicole Lyons

I know him.

My fix.

I wanted to spend hours

just breathing him in and

holding my breath long enough

for every organ to say his name,

the way I did.

He put butterflies in my bones

and turned my heart into an

inferno. I can still feel the

butterflies swirling through

the flames, calling his name,

but my heartbreak calls him

the one that got away.

© Stephanie Bennett-Henry 2016


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