My #BeReal guest today is Shawn Henfling.


“I don’t need to be Michael Jordan but I’d at least like to be in the NBA.”

I don’t like myself. Rather, I don’t like who I think I am. I can’t really hate myself because I don’t know who “myself” is. I’ve gotten through 38 years of this life without a clue as to what kind of a person I am or can be.

Right now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Well, here’s another pathetic excuse for a human being making excuses for all of the crappy things he has done to others. Time to stop reading and leave an equally crappy comment in that little section at the bottom.” You can do that if it pleases you, or you can read a little more and get to know me a little.

I’m reasonably intelligent and well educated. I possess an MS…

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