Ashlei is very real – good read


Please welcome my #BeReal guest today, Ashlei Hawley.


Hi and welcome all. 🙂 I am honored to do a guest posting here at HastyWord’s blog on her awesome #BeReal series. I’m all excited so let’s dive right into it.

For me, to #BeReal is to be an advocate, a creator, a seeker, and a scholar. My drive has always been to learn, and then to take what I have learned and apply it in a different way to a creative endeavor or my life in general. I relish the idea of learning things, the concept of developing new skills, and the cultivation of understanding for individuals who are not like me and are outside my current scope of focus.

My realest self is a creator who looks at every experience as fuel for creative expression. Inside my heart and mind are struggles with acceptance, empathy, and the clash of behavior…

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