Me and My Dirty Word – S.L. Heaton

Avery dirty word

Nicole Lyons

I don’t even know why it bothers me…it just does and there’s no rational explanation for it…or at least not one I can come up with that would give any kind of justification to this feeling.

Opened my Facebook and there it was…”in a relationship”…I just sat there and stared at it for the longest time…completely dumbfounded.

Why? I had no rights…no claims to stake…you were never “mine”…and still…it felt like a very hard, stinging slap to the face.

I think somewhere deep down in the very bottom of this ice cold heart there was a feeling…a small glimmer of hope maybe. (I should have known better…my friend Jason King writes about hope being a far dirtier word than fuck…he’s right you know.) A hope that maybe it was going to be you…God how I wanted it to be you.

Well…that’s not going to happen and maybe it never was…

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