My Dragon, My Darkness and Me

Ah, to have a dragon wo play with …

The Heart of Sassy Lassie

Weren’t you just here yesterday?
How quickly the memory has faded away
A lightning bolt shot straight through my heart
A spectacular flash and now there’s just dark

Was it real or just a wide-awake slumber?
Did you have to call me out from the rock I was under?
It was cozy and warm I had all I could need
My scars were all healed and now they all bleed

It was fun, I admit, I had forgotten the sun
And I answered your call when I knew I should run
It only took seconds before you were my muse
I let go for a moment and misread the cues

But the sun it will set and night’s veil will fall
And in darkness is comfort it’s where my demons call
They beckon like lovers that are far and away
Wishing their flesh spoke the words they would say


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