Open Letter to Cat Eating Foot Bloggers

Does this blog suck? She says so, but many may disagree. 😀

Renee Robbins. Writes.

That title doesn’t even make sense. How are we supposed to sort out what’s really going on there? What IS happening to that cat? It looks unethical. This blog sucks.

So, I guess there was a rumble in the blogosphere, or something? Some blogger on blogger conflict. I wasn’t part of the action. I’m not very relevant.

Why is that? Is it because I’m embarrassing?

It is, isn’t it? Am I the friend you can’t take anywhere? Is it because of the lingham massage thing? Or the chicken pot pie thing?

The chicken pot pie thing continues to bring visitors more consistently than any other post, presumably because people want to know how to properly eat one. The lingham massage post follows closely behind, presumably for a similar reason. Sadly, neither post provides especially helpful info on delicious artery-clogging convenience foods or pretentious hand-jobs.

So I don’t expect to be doing a sponsored…

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