An Open Letter to My Past – Jay Long

Jay writes to someone and the past.

Nicole Lyons

It took me a little time but it finally has come. The gut punch that feels as if it came from the far reaches of the map hitting me squarely. Although our time was short, my love grew quicker than I’d like to admit. Quicker than yours. Deeper than yours. I finally stopped long enough today to think on what happened. But this house is far too quiet to think. I never knew how small these four walls were until they started to squeeze. I frequently think of you during the day. At night, while I stare at the stars and moon I whisper your name, hoping that somehow we are still connected and you will hear me.

It seems as if my entire adult life has been patched together with one broken moment after the next. Some say it’s bad timing, others say it’s just not meant to be…

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