Lovely image from Hasty – music is the food of love


man-1033421_960_720His fingers move effortlessly

Over the surface with expertise

They know where to land

They understand the landscape

It is as if they are connected

To the topography telekinetically

But in truth they are skillful

Practiced and learned

Dedicated and completely sure

Of the movements they make

And the effort is magical

It changes lives and heals hearts

Just a few nimble fingers

Can make the world fade away

And bring light into the dark

How I am in complete awe

Of the guitar player and his strings

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Question Marks

Abbie feels stuck today

Sidereal Catalyst

My life has too many question marks right now.  Will I get to keep my unemployment benefits?  What’s going to happen with my claim of discrimination against my former employer?  What kind of training/education will I receive through vocational rehabilitation?  What type of job will I end up getting after I go through the training via voc rehab and how long will this process take?  Am I still eligible for unemployment benefits while receiving services from voc rehab?  

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Hasty from passenger to driver



I should have known

The road would wind

All roads do eventually

I was a passenger

Enjoying the scenery

When the sky changed

It tried to warn me


But I didn’t listen

I just sat and watched

The rolling hills pass

The trees gather

Then disperse

The farmhouses

The communities

The small towns


Then go

So many different places

So many different lives

Struggling, living, dying

The clouds grew thicker

The rain increased

The wind kicked up

And hail began to fall

I was determined

To ride out the storm


The driver had jumped

I was alone

Speeding into chaos

And nobody

Was at the wheel

I wish I could say

I took quick action

But I didn’t

I thought for a time

About staying put

Letting the invisible man

Take the wheel

And then

For another bit of time

I cried

I let the…

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