Broken Dreams: The Murder of a Beauty Queen

This is a difficult read and important.


by Stephanie Ortez

How many of us have dreamed to become the next Miss Universe when were little? The big, long, perfect hair, the white smiles, the impeccable body, the dazzling fashion, and the goal of wearing a crown affirming you are royalty. In a country like Honduras, dreams like this are almost impossible to achieve. It was my dream to become a musician, but the cold face of poverty and violence in my country of birth hit me so hard, it meant the only way to come to terms with these lofty goals was to leave and come to the United States.

For Maria Jose Alvarado, this dream became a nightmare.

There weren’t any smiles on the day of Maria’s unfortunate and brutal demise. When I first heard rumors that Maria had disappeared, my worst fears were confirmed. Her perfect body was dumped undignified on a river bank near her…

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