Naturally, I Want to be Perfect

She’s back!

Gunmetal Geisha

Perfect Leaf

What’s new? Nothing and everything. The future is now.

It’s just one, straightforward request, right? Yet you notice how the more you strive toward perfection, the more doors open to failure? This isn’t a bad thing, and these two Roberts concur:

    “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
    – Robert F. Kennedy
    “People who avoid failure also avoid success.”
    – Robert T. Kiyosaki (I have no idea who that is but I kinda like him.)

Failure might be a crucial step toward success, but sometimes there’s plenty of humor in it too. There’s a reason fails are the meat and bones of most comedy. We don’t call it “spectacular” failure for nothing.

So it’s with a tangle of feelings — a good tangle, like sugar winding into cotton candy — that I come to share my exciting news with you, lovely readers whom I miss…

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