Nicole poems with strength.

Nicole Lyons


I stand here in gilded glory,

and I watch you,

while you’re looking

into me – horrified.

I see you,

every last inch of you.

I watch you waste your time

wasting away,

so I serve you.

I feed your vile words back

into your hungry mouth,

and I stare – transfixed.

I see you,

savour the taste

I watch as you suck

on your self-hatred.

Your dull eyes

finally light up,

your cheeks flush

as you gag back your loathing.

I see you,

while you stand before me,

barely skimming the surface.

I watch you walk away, turning

your back to me

before I can show you

what everyone else sees

when they see you.

© Nicole Lyons 2016

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