Loyalty Does Not Equal Blindness

GG writes of friendship, loyalty, and deep values.

Gunmetal Geisha

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Blind Loyalty

Without my permission, I suddenly turned into a spurned lover.

Note: While this writing touches on blind loyalty in the context of friendship, it applies to the bigger picture in the sense that mob mentality, unquestioning following and unexamined dogma contribute to everything from high school bullying to religious zealotry to ridiculous politicians inching toward power. As a details and close-ups sort of person, I tackle universal concepts from a personal, everyday perspective. If I were to make a mantra out of my most used subtextual universal themes, it would be this:

Investigate. Allow for compassion. Think for yourself.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Being a friend does not preclude you from being decent to people other than your friend. If you see me behave like an asshole to a third party and you are my friend, I would expect you to tell me I’m being an asshole rather…

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