Bags of never again

Nicole cleans her closet.

Nicole Lyons


I have cleaned my closet

of all of the bones

to make room

for wispy summer dresses.

I wrapped those bones

in shame

and tucked them deep

into bags of guilt.

With the strings of regret

I tied the bags closed

and knotted them

with resentment.

I lifted the bags

one by one,

the weight of their bitterness

trying to crush me,

and I carried them

to the spot

where the bend finally breaks.

I dug deep to pull strength

to shred earth.

And I dug.

Passed coffins and fossils

I didn’t stop until I hit

never again.

My twisted arms

were mighty

when I pulled myself out

of that pit.

And as I stood

I exhaled gratitude

and let the bags fall

into the abyss,

no longer the keeper

of your bones.

© Nicole Lyons 2016

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