My Favorite Fails, Part I

GG shares some falls so well.

Gunmetal Geisha

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FailThanks to Patrick Freebern via Flickr

I was whimpering into a spoon.

Fails are funny. Or can be. Most should be, anyway. I got lost on four compass points of the same three highways six times yesterday and went a collective forty miles out of the way trying to find Dodger Stadium just because I refused to stop listening and responding to Aussa Loren‘s Whatsapps while driving. (Shhhh, don’t tell the Exceptionally Tall Man that’s why I was half an hour late to the baseball game.) That’s the 134 W to 5 N back to the 134 E to 2 N back to the 134 W to 5 N back to the 134 E to 2 S. Yes.

Fine, more than six times, but shush.

After getting interrupted by texts in the midst of recording and therefore having several of my three to six-minute Whatsapps deleted mid-sentence, my last…

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