My Favorite Fails, Part II

More painful fun from GG

Gunmetal Geisha

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Broken Bicycle

Cartoony victims don’t bleed. My arms assured me I was no cartoon.

I picked out and reworked my funniest fails for you from earlier posts on Gunmetal Geisha. You’re about to read part two, but if you haven’t seen part one, you should really check it out first to fully grasp what I’m willing to put myself through for the sake of your entertainment. I gathered these fails in honor of I Just Want to be Perfect, which is a collection of humor essays by women who hilariously fail at perfection. My essay in the book is called “The Rise and Fall of Perfect Seductress,” and if you know me at all, you can imagine the sort of ground it covers. If you don’t know me, here’s an intro:

4. A Rug Attacked Me

The only domestic inclination I have is toward home decorating. I love it more…

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