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I am perceived and divided.
You see me as bound by history.
A set of experiences chaining me to the railway.
Boundaries marked.
Respect tried and failure too often won.
Knots tied but carefully unraveled.
I am but your servant. Your true beloved,
And so much more as my duty has been sworn.
Because of you, I try to wriggle from the bondage I’ve known.
So many challenges our meeting surmises,
But victories beset only by expectations held
Due to the plagues spread by the entitled before us.

I am happy to have found you.
To create the remembrances of our future selves.
My journey has waivered a hundred and half times seven
Romancing me to continue on, but I love the battle
As it conjures images I long to dream upon—
That your arms and your chest hold close for evermore
The conversations and soliloquies I cling to. I hark…

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