To the people who say “All Lives Matter” and “race is not the issue:”

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In the wake of the recent anti-black violence, the black community has outlined ways that white folks can help support #BlackLivesMatter. In my experience, however, so many white folks aren’t even close to the “how to be a black comrade” part. So many white folks argue with each other over whether racism is really even a thing in this country, and I’ve mostly taken the stance of “I’m not going to argue with you about whether racism is a thing, that’s a waste of time because you’re probably never going to change your mind.” But I’ve changed my mind, because it’s certainly not the burden of the black community to convince white people that they’re being mistreated because they’re black, and how can we fix the problem if people don’t even believe it’s a problem?

People who don’t support Black Lives Matter are the ones dividing the country


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