God Doesn’t Make Babies

Warning – If you give this woman any crap, duck.

I Ruin Joy

God Doesn't Make BabiesSex does. Dirty, wonderful, in that ditch over there, sex. Your grandma did it, she liked it!!! Your mom and dad did it, you do it. Oh wait, never mind, you probably don’t.

So, I wrote a post about ugly newborns. I have had nothing but grief about how god doesn’t make ugly babies. On and on people went that my honesty was ugly, I was an ugly person for saying such a horrid, awful thing. Bla bla bla.

Some babies ARE ugly!!! For every person who said “there is no such thing as an ugly baby”, I had three others who said “my kid looked like an alien”, “my kid was hideous for six months”, “I could barely stand to look at him, but don’t tell my wife.”

Oh, so hey, I’m sorry I have the balls (I have my exes, keep ’em in a bag) to say…

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