Hasty hides things in the darkness



I need the darkness

As much as I need light

For it hides many things

I don’t let others see

Like the way I cling to sorrow

Before giving it flight

Or how I let regret float

On an unforgiving sea

Like the way I let loneliness grow

Feeding it my worries each midnight

Or how I let my depression

Roam unchecked and free

But it’s the anger I fear

Carrying its infected blight

Like diseased leaves

Falling from my tree

Where upon the ground

It rallies to fight

Furious demons gathering with

Raging tongues that can’t agree

I sit and allow the turmoil

Carelessly giving into my plight

And wait each day for the sun to rise

And look for hope in its guarantee

That is when I search for you, the man

I always dream about at night

The one that won’t fear my dark

Who won’t turn his back and walk out on me


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