Izzerganimzy, or That Time I Accidentally Went to BlogHer

The Hussy is getting an award.

Renee Robbins. Writes.

I’m never sure if I should say anything, when these things happen.

Once a convenience store clerk gave me back my $20 in my change. I gave it back to him because he came running after me yelling “stop thief!” it was the right thing to do.

Now, that time McDonald’s accidentally gave my daughter a juicebox AND milk with her happy meal? We kept it but that was only fair because they gave her the wrong toy and also she already drank it.

And I may have had more than my share of wine at the charity event I went to, but it’s not my fault that I drink when I’m nervous.

But this….this seems different. I appear to have been recognized for something, and it doesn’t involve any social media faux pas. Or anything about having the right to remain silent.

I recently noticed I was on the list for BlogHer Voice…

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