Meet Capone My ‘Therapy Pooch’

Nicole’s very, very good dog.

Nicole Lyons

Over the past couple of years we have seen a rise in the use of therapy animals for people living with psychiatric illnesses and traumas such as bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Traditionally “service animals” have been used to assist individuals who live with illnesses such as seizure disorders, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, the visually impaired, as well as the hearing impaired.

This new breed of Service Animal, called anything from “Therapy Animal” to “Emotional Support Animal” varies from Country to Country, State to State under which guidelines and/or training they are required to meet the criteria to hold such a title, and actually be registered as such.  According to The Canadian Service Dog Foundation, an Emotional Support Animal, one used for psychiatric disabilities and trauma is NOT considered a Service animal.  They are “Emotional Support Animals” They are a companion to a disabled person. They are there for companionship…

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Ruby is doing OK – Yay

Ruby Pipes

“Is he taking good care of my Ruby?” she asks over lunch. I smile big, blush. Tell her about my support network. How I’ve started to reach out. How people have been asking me how I’m doing lately and I’ve been telling them.

“I’m great.”

Spent the week selling myself at job interviews and to potential roommates. Threw my hands in the air when I landed the apartment in Green Lake. Sent a text to notify my partner and best friends when my first job offer came in.

My feet finally under me. I’m coming home again.

We decide what we want to sculpt. Take a step back and examine it all. What is it that we want from each other? From ourselves. Start building a life with all the pieces we selected carefully. Leave nothing to just fall into place. This is all intentional.

While we walk down the…

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How To Sphere Your Juice (Or Any of Your Favorite Liquids)

Fun with science from the Nerd

Nerd in the Brain

Juice Spheres Feature Pic | Nerd in the BrainPerhaps you’ve been dreaming of turning your favorite beverage into tasty, edible spheres. And why wouldn’t you be dreaming of such a thing? Eating tasty things is awesome! Spheres are awesome! Science is awesome! There’s just a lot of awesome wrapped up into the idea of setting out to sphere your juice (or coffee or tea or your liquid of choice).

Luckily for us, the dinosaurs have packed up the Science Suitcase with all that we need to explore this idea of turning juice into spheres:

Science Suitcase | Nerd in the Brain

Let’s open the Science Suitcase and see what lurks inside! (For those following along at home, we’ll provide a list of everything the dinosaurs feel like you’ll need for this activity.)

Science BreakSupplies:

  • 3 glass bowls
  • the beverage you would like to sphere
  • a whisk or mixer (more on that in the “process” section)
  • a small strainer
  • a squeeze bottle or medicine dropper

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“Sharing French Fries With a Stranger in the Chicago Airport” – By Carmelene Melanie Siani


Kindness Blog

I had been sitting at the bar in the Chicago airport talking congenially over drinks for 20 minutes or so with a young woman from Berkeley, California. 

She worked in production for a film company, was flying to Burbank and was a total stranger.

“Are you done with your French fries?” I asked as she pushed her plate away.

“Oh, sure” she said, nudging that same plate towards me. “Help yourself.”

The TV was on. She had just finished saying that she was worried about the election and about the terrorist shootings.

“It’s like the world is falling apart,” she lamented.

She was worried about our future, about our country and about feeling unsafe in an unsafe world.

“Pay attention to the world around you,” I told her, “The one you live in.  Don’t pay attention to the one that is translated for you by that,” I said, gesturing towards…

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Beyond the Fog

A poem of a beautiful invitation

The Well Tempered Bards


Beyond the Fog

By Jesi Scott

Find your way o’er enchanted seas

Loose the sail and catch the breeze

Bring your heart and bend the knee

Come and stay with me

Seize the day and make your start

Don’t be blinded by the dark

Stay the course, the fog will part

Come and claim my heart

In the earth, we’ll delight

We, the heavens will excite

Love is always our birthright

Dance with me tonight

Loose the sail and catch the breeze

Bring your heart and be at ease

Find your way and live care free

Come and stay with me

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Lindsay is Real


Please welcome Lindsay Fischer to #BeReal.


On Reinvention, Releasing Reality and Whole-Hearted Living

I’ve never felt more alive than the day I decided to take the screen off and be myself, releasing stuck pieces of reality from the filter used as my defense and watching the withheld, eager remnants descend in the very first pour. Instead of pretending I was what everyone wanted me to be, it was time to be myself.

I left teaching, a career I dedicated myself to for 8 years, only to face the unknowns associated with entrepreneurship. I wanted to write about injustices I’d survived. I wanted to share my truth so the isolation I felt when hiding didn’t latch on to anyone else who might be living in a similar silence. And while those things were exactly what I wanted, they didn’t become a reality until I realized they were also the things I…

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