Julie’s title says it.


julie anderson

I used to think that all my problems stemmed from my childhood. I blamed bullies, bitches, and boys for my mood swings. They were such inconsiderate jerks.

I used to think all of the men I dated were emotionally stunted. Why else would they be ignorant enough to hurt my feelings, take me for granted, and have the audacity to breathe after we broke ties? I mean, come on, I was paralytic after those idiotic lust fests.

I used to think that women shared more DNA with cats than the human race.

4 Types of Women that Are Terrible Friends

Two-faced, conniving, and vindictive, I never found my tribe. I did let my guard down, too many times to mention. Nothing hurts quite like the sting of slash marks left by a supposed best friend forever.  A glutton for punishment I keep my heart open, even to this day waiting…

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