Laron makes the so important point, that privilege is less about what is gained than about what does not happen to one.


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Humor me for a brief moment. Close your eyes (well, not literally, considering I need you to continue reading). Imagine you are minding your business, grocery shopping and you notice an over-zealous store clerk shadowing your every move, ensuring you have not “slipped something in your pocket.”

Perhaps, that was too specific. Let’s try again.

Imagine politely opening the door for a middle-aged (or elderly) Caucasian woman only to be met with visible fear or a firm clutch of their purse.

Still too specific. Third time is a charm.

Imagine being pressed to find positive images (e.g. film, music, news coverage, etc.) that represents the people, the culture, or the world you came from, being told that there is a difference between NIGGERS and BLACK PEOPLE, or being told you are WHITE or NON-THREATENING because of your college education, articulate manner of speaking, or your appreciation for Country/Rock music.

Still can’t relate? Consider it a privilege.

My name is Laron Chapman, and this is my reality.

There is common misconception…

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