Ten Things of Thankful 165 (Inspiration) #10Thankful

Lizzi has a very inspiring week.


My dearly beloved BlogWife calls me a ‘dog person’. Not that I like dogs particularly, but that there are behaviours of mine which put me firmly in the category of ‘more like a dog than a cat’ (which is how she classifies people (sometimes)). I seem to remember discussions on this point involving things like friendliness, excitability, loyalty, protectiveness…that sort of thing.

I think I’ve discovered another characteristic, which reminds me a little of a very blonde, incredibly silly great-big-bimbo of a golden retriever I once knew – I’m awesome at inventing new games to play, which no-one really wants to play, and end up running around in circles, chasing my metaphorical tail, whining a bit, hoping someone might join in.

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