A beautiful story of a father by choice and a daughter’s love.


Please welcome Renee DeMont to #BeREALationships


Tell me one thing you are super proud of yourself for this week. I want you to brag about yourself. None of this being humble crap. Give it to me. I want to be proud of you too. #bereal

When I read HastyWord’s post I didn’t hesitate to comment:

Flew my handicapped father to the east coast and made his dream of sitting on the Atlantic and eating lobster come true. He’s 78. Said, “It was the trip of a lifetime!”

Hasty’s response, “OMG. That is amazing. I love this. You should write a post for me. I would love to share that story for you.”

I smiled to myself and wrote, I’d be honored…


He’s my dad.

Hasn’t always been. Didn’t even meet him until I was twelve—after my biological parents realized they had somewhere else to be, something else to do, this…

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