Byron tells an important story.


Please welcome Byron Hamel to #BeREALationships as he tells us how the relationship between two other men stuck with him over the years.


I’m sitting there wishing I was someplace else.

Circa 1996.  A certain unnamed sobriety support group.

A bunch of people seated in a shitty broke down room, forming a loose rectangle we call a circle.

The air is thick with cigarette smoke; sour with despair.

Just a whole lot of hurt and messed up people trying to stay sober.  Group therapy, if you wanna call it that.  Maybe more of a place to go where there’s at least some people living through the hardships you are.  Staying off the drugs.  The alcohol.

Helpful at times.

This time, I find myself observing.  Two passive aggressive guys.  One’s in the big chair, leading the meeting from behind a desk.  The other is right next to that desk, confined to…

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