Compassion, empathy, and letting be, and more


Please welcome Yvonne Spence who won a Voices of the Year Award to #BeREALationships. Her series 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion brings bloggers together to impact the world.


A person I love works hard, against difficult odds, to achieve a goal. It doesn’t happen.  This person feels disappointment. I feel it too, and regret. Perhaps if I’d followed up on an idea I had months ago the odds could have been reduced, this sadness prevented. I allowed others to dissuade me, wasn’t sure. I’m still not sure, and feel churned up, sad.

Another friend tells me there’s no point in looking back and feeling regret, no point thinking about what I should have done. What’s done is done. Go forward.

Of course, I know there’s truth in that, but instead of easing my ache, it adds a sense of being slapped over the knuckles. I don’t feel supported, but misunderstood.

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